Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who is shining a light in the darkness?

The shutter opens and darkness gives way to light. Soon a flashlight draws electrical trails upon strands of hair. The shutter closes and our super hero is illuminated. This is light painting photography.

I recently did a demonstration of this technique at Denver Comic Con. Toward the end of it, I talked about how art shines a light on topics that  are sometimes obscured by a dark culture. Loneliness, body image, and sexuality are often misrepresented by the superficial sound bites of social media. If you support what's real, honest and meaningful, go out this week to your local 1st Friday art walk. Most communities have one especially this time of year. See how artists are engaging in important topics in thoughtful ways. You'd may find a breath of fresh authenticity in the air. 

I continue to seek participants for my loneliness project, Lonely Mythos.  Please check it out if you want to shine a light on this important topic!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

What does it mean?

Baptism by Ice
It sits in cubes inside cups. It creates a blanket that can hold in heat on distant worlds. It contains the geometry of a snowflake. We may scratch our heads when it’s related to baptism, when one typically associates liquid water or even fire. So what does the work, “Baptism by Ice” mean?

Art should engage our imaginative participation. Too often the journey it takes us on is interrupted by an over explanation of what it’s about. Many artists have been guilty of this, including this one. The interpretation of a piece of art is just as valid from someone off the street as it is from the artist that created it. It reflects our life experience and how we see the world. Feel free to share your own interpretation on my Facebook page,  You can also follow me on Google + and comment there.  May our thoughts about what art means take us on a great adventure!