Sunday, July 17, 2016

Are you ready to be taken on an incredible journey?

Are you ready to be taken on an incredible journey? This journey involves beauty, strength and vulnerability.  You will be lead outdoors to find men whose bodies become extensions of the surrounding landscape. Their forms become an expression of vulnerability. They risk judgment showing us who they are and this openness reflects the strength residing within them.

This is my introduction to my new print magazine, Journey: The Male Nude.  Our society often encourages us not to show vulnerability. We must always have the  right answers, know what to do next and be strong. But this doesn't reflect reality for many of us. It takes a strong person to say "I'm afraid" or "I don't know the answer" but then moves forward the best way they know how. The duality of being both strong and vulnerable at the same time is something I strive to capture in my work. Life is indeed a great adventure! 

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