Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Can we have it all?

Can people work 60-80 hours a week, raise a family, and maybe go back to school or reenter the dating scene? More to the point, can you do all those things at the same time without compromising any area of your life or cutting corners?

We ask this question because the mythology behind the Apple of Discord/The Judgment of Paris story raises this question. When you think of beauty, power and wisdom, you could translate that today as falling in love/starting a family, having a career and leaving a legacy. Paris in the myth story can just pick one of these life stages to pursue.  Will his choice be the right decision for the circumstances of his life? For those that know the rest of the story, the result was a disaster.  All these questions inspired us to make the short film, The Apple of Discord.  A screening of the film with a Q/A to follow happens tonight, 12/14/16 in Colorado Springs.

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